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AC 220VCeramic Driverless COB   50W flood light

Main Applications
This kind of LED COB adopt built-in LED driver , mainly applied to LED Flood Light 

Main Features
Direct AC input , the supported wide operating voltage range : AC180-260V .  
Get rid of traditional AC-DC switching power supply ,  without electrolytic capacitor , transformer and other  components ,greatly improved the life time of product.      
PF value above 0.9 under the stage of full voltage.            
The power conversion efficiency is more than 90% , no EMS problems .                   
LED driver and COB share the same PCB ,easy assembly.
Switch on and off no delay , frequent switch on and off has no affect on the life time .        
COB lighting source has the advantage of good heat dissipation , small light attenuation and beautiful aperture . 

Products Parameters

Color temperature:5500-6500-7000K,2850-3000-3200K
Luminous Efficacy:80LM/W 
Angle:120 degree
Input Voltage and frequency:A.C(180-260V) 50Hz-60Hz 
Operating Temperature:-30~+85C
Storage temperature:-40C~+100C
Life time:>2500H


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